Better in every way

The new 3D algorithms offers a number of advantages, including compensation for head movement, high accuracy, low noise, accurate pupil measurements. The new hardware has a new intelligent illumination system and a higher resolution sensor that allows robust tracking on screens up to 27″. Combined with frame rates up to 75 Hz a new standard has been set  for affordable eye tracking systems. The Eye Tribe Tracker PRO enables accurate eye tracking on multiple platforms and the Windows version is available for pre-order now for $199. Order now →


One-cable convenience, USB versatility

Given the small form factor and the standard USB 3.0 connection this device is truly versatile. The new device leads the way by using the new smaller, reversible Type-C connector on the device, no need to worry about plugging it in the right way anymore. The side that connects to the computer still uses the well-known Type-A connector that present on most systems today.

Building applications

Simple SDK. Open API

We’ve made sure that accessing the data is really easy while maintaining flexibility to support many scenarios. To quickly get you started we provide an SDK with implementations in C++, C# and Java as well as a plugin for Unity. All it takes is a few lines of code and your apps will receive a real-time stream of on-screen gaze coordinates and size of the pupils. If you favor any other programming language the open API relies on the standard TCP/IP protocol. If it can open a socket and parse strings then you’re covered.


Accurate and robust

A new sensor with higher resolution and frame-rate combined with an optimized infrared illumination system provides the very best conditions for the eye tracking algorithms to work with. The high resolution sensor ensures that we can track the tiny movements of the pupils with high precision while maintaining a wide field of view. Our advanced algorithms work in tandem with the hardware to optimize for most environments and light conditions. However, it works best in indoor scenarios without direct sunlight on the device.


Simple hardware integration

The module inside The Eye Tribe Tracker PRO is designed for low power consumption, low component cost, and simple hardware integration into laptops, tablets and various other OEM products. It offers a range of different implementation and customization options to fit your product and specific use case. OEM customers can apply to purchase an early access Evaluation Kit available for prototyping or initial integration work.



Sampling rate 30Hz to 75Hz
Accuracy 0.5° – 1°
Latency < 16 ms
Calibration 6, 9 or 12 points
Operating range 45cm – 75cm
Tracking area 50cm x 30cm at 65cm distance
Screen sizes Up to 27”
API/SDK Java, C++ and C#
Data output Binocular gaze data (x/y screen coordinate)
3D eye position
Pupil diameter in mm
Dimensions (W/H/D) TBA
Weight TBA
Interface USB3.0


Frequently asked questions regarding The Eye Tribe Tracker (first version)

Are there any limitations on how I may use The Eye Tribe Tracker?

You are free to use our Development Kit for internal evaluation and development, and we are really excited to see what you will build with it!

Please keep us posted in the developer forum.

If you want to use it commercially you need to acquire a commercial license from us.

Can I pay with different credit cards other than Visa or MasterCard?

At the present time we offer only those two options during our normal check-out process. If you do not have access to a Visa or MasterCard, you may contact info@theeyetribe.com to arrange payment via Paypal.

Can the device be connected through a USB hub?

Not recommended. We have seen issues with hubs that does not have an external power source. If there is multiple devices drawing power from a single port the total consumption might exceed the 900 mA available (per USB3.0 specs), the device consumes approximately 780 mA. In addition, the the total cable length should be kept below two meters for adequate signal integrity.

Do you sell it in any stores?

No, not yet. At this stage we only sell and distribute the device directly from our website.

How accurate is the system?

The Eye Tribe Tracker can detect the movement of the pupil with sub-millimeter precision. The average accuracy is around 0.5 degree of visual angle, which means that the system is capable of determining the on-screen gaze position roughly within the size of a fingertip (<10mm).

I have just ordered The Eye Tribe Tracker. When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card is charged when you place the order.

Is infrared illumination safe to use?

Yes, The Eye Tribe Tracker complies with the essential health and safety requirements set by the FCC and CE directives. The Eye Tribe Tracker is using near-infrared illumination, it conforms with the EN 62471 standard and we have obtained an EU declaration of conformity.

Our hardware has been tested and approved by a certified lab according to said standard, and is therefore safe to use.

Is it only for developers ?

At this stage The Eye Tribe Tracker is not bundled with any applications for common use, and is intended only for software developers. We hope developers around the world will create great applications with eye control, that we can make available. (Out of the box it will support eye controlled mouse cursor, which can already be used with third party applications such as GazeSpeaker)

Is there a developer forum?

Yes, indeed there is. We post sample applications and provide developer guidelines.

Is there any way to try the device before purchase?

We will be attending several conferences and exhibitions during the year to showcase The Eye Tribe Tracker. Follow us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/theeyetribe) to see where and when to meet us.

Is your product CE / FCC / IC certified?


The Eye Tribe Tracker complies with the requirement for placing The Eye Tribe Tracker (ET1000) on the market in the EU. A copy of the EU declaration of Conformity is available on our site.

The Eye Tribe Tracker is tested to comply with FCC standards. FOR HOME OR OFFICE USE.

This Class B digital apparatus (The Eye Tribe Tracker ET1000) complies with Canadian ICES-003.

May I add your videos to my site?

You are free to embed our videos from our official YouTube page.

When doing so, you must make clear that you are not affiliated with or endorsed by The Eye Tribe or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates.

Furthermore we kindly ask that you add the line ‘Source: TheEyeTribe.com‘ for each video you embed, so that it is clearly visible to the users of your website.

What are the minimum specs?

At the present time we recommend no less than the following specs:

• PC Version: Windows 8/10
• Mac version: Mountain Lion 10.8.4

• Core i5/i7 processor (or similar)
• 1 GB RAM or more
• USB3.0

The following devices are validated as compatible with The Eye Tribe Tracker for Android (TBA):
• Odroid-XU3 + Android eMMC, Android 4.4.4 (Odroid-VU touchscreen is optional)
• Odroid-XU+E (legacy support), Android 4.4.2
• Nvidia Shield TV, Android 5.1

When will my order ship?

Out first batch of trackers shipped out in December 2013 and the first quarter of 2014. As of late spring 2014, we’ve started shipping our second batch of Eye Tribe trackers. New stock will continue to arrive. Whenever new stock hits the warehouse floor, we fill all orders on first come, first served basis. Please see the order page for current estimated dispatch times for newly placed orders.

Will it work for people with disabilities?

The Eye Tribe Tracker can certainly be used quite effectively by some persons with disabilities, such as ALS, but it might not work for all situations or every person, since we are still a start-up, we do not have the resources to test our technology for all disabilities and situations.

It is important to note that currently our tracker is offered as a software development kit for programmers and developers and is not yet a commercial/end-consumer product. Hence the support we can offer is limited. However, we are hoping that people will help us evaluate and test the software for different situations and various disabilities, and provide the relevant feedback in our forum.

We do not provide any attachments for wheelchairs or hospital beds, nor any dedicated software for individuals requiring assistive technology, however, some applications already work with our hard- and software. At the present time we suggest taking a look at the following software applications:


At the present time the programs listed above are all freeware and offer various input and eye tracking functionality in connection with the Eye Tribe Tracker. We suggest taking a look at the direct links we have provided for each program and learn more about what best suits your current situation and requirements.

As with all new and groundbreaking technology, updated software and new applications with ever-increasing functionality are developed every day. Thus there may be additional software available that we are not aware of.

Will it work on any OS?

The first version being shipped is for Windows (7,8 and 10), and an OSX version was made available in June 2014.

The hardware is the same for Windows, OSX and Android (TBA) versions of the software.

We expect to provide software updates for all other major platforms in the near future, but for some platforms you might need a different piece of hardware. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter for future announcements.

Will it work on everyone?

The Eye Tribe Tracker will work on almost anyone that has “normal” eyes. Age or ethnicity makes no difference. However, there are certain medical conditions that limit the capability of the system such as strabismus, esotropia, exotropia and similar.

Will it work with any other tablets than the Windows Surface Pro?

Yes, it will work on any Windows (7 or newer) or Android tablet that has USB 3.0, but at this stage we only supply an attachment mount for the Windows Surface Pro tablet.

The following devices are validated as compatible with The Eye Tribe Tracker for Android (TBA):
• Odroid-XU3 + Android eMMC, Android 4.4.4 (Odroid-VU touchscreen is optional)
• Odroid-XU+E (legacy support), Android 4.4.2
• Nvidia Shield TV, Android 5.1

Will it work with contact lenses?

Yes, there are no issues with normal soft contact lenses.

Will it work with glasses?

Yes, it will work with most glasses. However, there can be issues with bifocals and other special lenses, or glasses that have coating – including polarized glasses.

Will it work with USB 2.0?

No. The system is optimized for USB 3.0 only. If your computer does not have native USB 3.0 support, the Eye Tribe Tracker will also work with 3rd party USB 3.0 PCI cards. Although we do not offer support for these, we have successfully used USB 3.0 PCI cards from Sandberg, ST Lab and Delock. However please be aware that other 3rd party PCI cards may prove incompatible.

If you have other questions, please write to us at: info@theeyetribe.com, and we will respond to you as fast as possible.