Back in April we were proud to demonstrate the world’s first eye tracking software for Android. We have been working hard ever since to bring our unique technology to mobile devices, and we we promise you that great things will come.

Originally we were expecting to launch our Android SDK this summer, but after doing a survey with all of you who signed up, we could see that most of you preferred to have a fully integrated Android device with our SDK or to get started out with an external device for Windows. Today we have launched The Eye Tribe Tracker. The first version will work for Windows only, but all the core hardware components used in The Eye Tribe Tracker are suitable for integration into smartphones and tablets.

We are now working hard to get this integrated into mobiles devices, and we want to show you our progress.

In this first episode in a series of demo videos, Mobile Lead Developer Anders Bo Pedersen reveals a collection of eye tracking demos entitled the Gaze Suite. The Gaze Suite is shown here running on a Samsung Galaxy Note II using the built-in camera and an external LED unit we call The Dice. Anders goes through a few of the demo applications that show a fraction of what our eye tracking technology is capable of and that will eventually be part of the The Eye Tribe Android SDK.