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CNET: Eye tracking in VR headsets is the future, and it’s starting now

24/02/2016 by Katie Collins,
Ever wished you had the power to influence the world around you using just your eyes?
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TechCrunch: “This is a big deal.”

14/01/2016 by John Biggs,
The Eye Tribe Tracker Pro Offers Affordable Consumer Eye Tracking For $199…
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CES 2016: The Eye Tribe Showcases World’s First Eye Tracking Solution for Android-Based VR Headsets

07/01/2016 by
Award-Winning Eye Tracking Innovator to Launch Multi-Platform Eye Tracking Solution for Virtual Reality with Evaluation Kits shipping now for Android and Windows
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DeveloperTech builds Lego using eye-tracking technology developed by The Eye Tribe

03/06/2015 by Ryan Daws, Developer Tech
Eye-tracking with The Eye Tribe’s SDK…

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Electronics speaks to The Eye Tribe at MWC 2015

03/05/2015 by Richard Wilson, Electronics
Danish firm shows low cost eye-tracking at MWC 2015…
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CNET at MWC 2015 takes a look at The Eye Tribe’s smartwatch with eye tracking prototype

03/04/2015 by Scott Stein, CNET
Could eye tracking be a good idea for a small screen? The Eye Tribe thinks so…
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According to Forbes, this could be the year you play a mobile game with your eyes

02/06/2015 by Parmy Olson, Forbes
This is the future of how we’ll play games and interact with our mobile devices…
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The Eye Tribe speaking with CNET at CES 2015: Building Lego with your eyes

01/08/2015 by Lexy Savvides, CNET
Watch how the Eye Tribe tracker helps you put together Lego, without the need for paper instructions…

The Eye Tribe Tracker is HOT according to Forbes

01/12/2015 by Jason Bloomberg, Forbes
The Eye Tribe is a software-only solution that leverages commodity hardware, enabling eye tracking technology for the masses…
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The Eye Tribe Tracker is one of Fortune’s 8 favorite gadgets from CES 2015

01/09/2015 by Cyrus Sanati, Fortune
The Danish company has developed truly innovative software and hardware that allows you to control your PC or tablet using your eyes…
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International Business Times report on The Eye Tribe Tracker and its LEGO building abilities

01/07/2015 by Anthony Cuthbertson, International Business Times
Eye-tracking software developer The Eye Tribe has developed an interface that allows users to build LEGO sets using only their eyes…
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Pocket Gamer declares The Eye Tribe Tracker among the Top 5 Gaming Tech at CES 2015

01/09/2015 by Spanner Spencer, Pocket Gamer
[The Eye Tribe Tracker] picked up a Best of Innovations award for accessible technologies at CES 2015, and the company has also taken the opportunity to announce the first eye tracking SDK for Android…
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Windows Central visits The Eye Tribe booth at CES 2015 for a hands-on demonstration

01/07/2015 by Mark Guim, Windows Central
It sounds very cool, but it’s a lot better to see it in action.

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Mirror reports on The Eye Tribe Tracker at CES 2015

01/07/2015 by Jeff Parsins, Mirror
If tapping, swiping and scrolling is just too much effort – why not skim through your smartphone with a glance?
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App Developer Magazine reports on The Eye Tribe Tracker Android SDK at CES 2015

01/07/2015 by Richard Harris, App Developer Magazine
The Eye Tribe oozes innovation at CES 2015 with the world’s first Android eye tracking SDK…
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Into Tomorrow interviews The Eye Tribe CEO, Sune Alstrup Johansen

01/14/2015 by Dave Graveline, Into Tomorrow
Dave Graveline interviews Sune Alstrup Johansen from The Eye Tribe about their eye tracking technology that can allow users to use computers and tablets by simple eye gestures…

Huffington Post plays Fruit Ninja at Droidcon 2014

10/11/2014 by Jamie Tolentino, Huffington Post
HuffPost names The Eye Tribe as one of their top picks at Droidcon, London 2014

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Electronics Weekly’s Gadget Master is impressed

04/11/2014 by Alun Williams, Electronics
“It takes a lot to make a cynical old hack sit up, but controlling a tablet by use of my sight alone was certainly impressive…”
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The Eye Tribe Says It’s Shipping Its First $99 Eye-Tracking Units, Raises Another $1M

01/08/2014 by Anthony Ha, TechCrunch
The Eye Tribe, which took the stage today at TechCrunch’s CES Hardware Battlefield, is developing hardware that allows users to control technology with the motion of their eyes…
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New tablet eye control gadget unveiled at Techcrunch in Berlin

30/10/2013 by Telegraph

The Eye Tribe’s Strategy Is Larger Than Their $99 Eye Tracking Hardware Unit

12/09/2013 by Jay Donovan, TechCrunch.
The Eye Tribe Tracker is an aftermarket eye tracker currently available for Windows-based tablets and computers and serves many functions from gaming to reading. Built to work with any Windows 7 or 8 device with a USB 3 interface…
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The Eye Tribe Starts Pre-Orders For $99 Eye Tracking Developer Device For Windows PCs.

05/09/2013 by Darrell Etherington, TechCrunch.
Denmark’s The Eye Tribe is not an indigenous group that worships the ocular organ, but a startup that works in machine vision, specifically developing eye tracking tech for use in consumer electronics…
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The Eye Tribe Demonstrates An Impressive Eye Tracking Suite On Android Via A USB Dongle.

05/09/2013 by Jeremiah Rice, Android Police.
Voice control? That’s so 2010. The future of mobile computing is… well, I have no idea what it is, but Danish startup company The Eye Tribe would like you to think that it’s eye tracking…
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The Eye Tribe aims to bring its eye-tracking tech to Android devices with SDK this June.

17/04/2013 by Donald Melanson, Engadget.
Eye-tracking technology on Android devices isn’t exactly anything new, but Danish startup The Eye Tribe is now looking to broaden its use further with its own new set of tools…
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The Eye Tribe featured on CNet “First Look at The Eye Tribe” at CES 2013 in Las Vegas.

The Eye Tribe featured on CNet panel discussion “The Next Interface: You” at CES 2013 in Las Vegas.

Danish eye-tracking software firm The Eye Tribe gets $2.3m government grant, no strings attached.

17/04/2013 by Robin Wauters, The Next Web.
Copenhagen, Denmark-based The Eye Tribe (formerly known as Senseye) builds software that allows people to interact with their mobile device just by looking at it…
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The Eye Tribe featured on ITN News “Danish company unveil eye-operated smartphones”.