hanging on disconnect

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hanging on disconnect

Postby ryklin » 11 Sep 2016, 22:45

Today I discovered that the eyetribe sdk version TheEyeTribeSDK-0.9.77-x86.exe is hanging on the function call m_api.disconnect()

I am runing Win10 64 Bit. Connects and streams data fine but hangs on disconnect.

Can anyone else verify?

Next I downloaded the latest tet-cpp-client from github updated on May 18th, recompiled my source and now it won't even connect to the eye tracker. This time it's failing to connect to the socket in the file gazeapi_socket.cpp in the while() on line 63 while( error && endpoint_iterator != end ) the error value returned is 10061, that's all I can make sense out of.

I am going to revert to an earlier sdk version and follow up.

If anyone has any info or can at least verify some/all of this I'd appreciate it!

BTW the server and UI work fine. I haven't tried samples written in other languages, presumably they are fine, and my USB connection is fine too -- I tested with two different eye trackers and 2 different cables on 3 different computers.
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Re: hanging on disconnect

Postby ryklin » 12 Sep 2016, 18:28

Hi everyone,

I'm following up from my earlier post. Having burned a lot of time on additional testing, I discovered that on my three systems (win7, win8.1 and Win10) the latest SDK - TheEyeTribeSDK-0.9.77-x86.exe does indeed NOT disconnect from the eye tracker properly as indicated below. I do not recommend using this SDK. Instead I reverted to EyeTribeSDK-0.9.56-x86, which works fine.

Also, very important, the latest tet-cpp-client on github dated May 18, 2016 doesn't work at all (no connection to tracker). I recommend you do not waste your time on this. I am using the Dec 10, 2014 revision (notably commented as "Fixed occational exception when disconnected from the GazeAPI..."

I will try to do some more debugging, but this is a huge time drain!!!

BTW I did compile against Boost 1_57 on Win7 with VS2013 and Boost 1_61_0 (the latest) on Win10 with VS2015 Community. I am compiling using the 32 Bit libraries (not 64).

If someone gets a chance, please write back with any supporting information!!!
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Re: hanging on disconnect

Postby Martin » 12 Oct 2016, 12:05

Hi Ryklin,

Sorry for the delay, I've created a bug-report the developer of the C++ client to take a look at. Will post back once we've figured out what's going on.
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