Data not recorded properly (PyGaze,EyeTribe)

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Data not recorded properly (PyGaze,EyeTribe)

Postby fabien.malassingne » 20 Apr 2016, 11:25

Hi everyone,

I made an experiment where one has to read a small text in OpenSesame, using PyGaze to record eye movement from the EyeTribe.
The problem is: I have a huge loss of data in the resulting .tsv file, as if the eyes were closed (lines of zeroes). Also, if the EyeTribe samplerate is set to 60Hz, the data of almost half the text are not recorded. At 30Hz, this last problem doesn't seem to occur though.

I thought it might be an issue with OpenSesame, so I made a script directly in Python using PyGaze. I still have the same problem...
If it can help, I made sure that the average calibration error was always smaller than 1, I used multiple computers (but only one EyeTribe).

Some images of the scanpaths created with the resulting .tsv:

At 30Hz with PyGaze:
And the associated .tsv:

At 60Hz with OpenSesame:
And the asociated .tsv:

At 30Hz with OpenSesame:
And the associated .tsv:

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Re: Data not recorded properly (PyGaze,EyeTribe)

Postby Anders » 15 Aug 2016, 14:23

Based on the pictures you've posted, it seems clear, that the recording software you are using is not taking 'bad frames' into account. It seems that frames are recorded even when there is no tracking.

If this is not the functionality you are looking for, then you are free to extend the open source PyGaze repo with the needed functionality. You can also post feature requests on their GitHub page or write the author.
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