Affordable eye tracking technology is finally coming to the market. Thousands of people around the world are right now waiting patiently to get their hands on The Eye Tribe Tracker Development Kit. Thank you so much for your patience and your support in our development of the world’s first eye tracker below the magical price point of $100.

We want to ship the first devices out before the holiday, and we promise you that our team here in Copenhagen is working round the clock to make this happen. We are indeed very close to shipping the first batch of devices.

We actually received the first few boxes of the final product here at the office yesterday, and we demoed it live for CNBC that was visiting the office. To make a good impression on CNBC’s anchor Louisa Bojesen our Product Designer Sebastian Sztuk decided to play a tune on his guitar while scrolling the music notes with the eyes only. See the demo in the video from

CNBC visiting The Eye Tribe

We do not know yet how many devices, we will be able to ship before the holidays, but we will update you within the next couple of days on the progress.