Today we are proud to announce the pre-order of our first product – The Eye Tribe Tracker. The Eye Tribe Tracker is a small hardware device that you can plug to any device with a USB 3.0 port, and start utilizing eye control for your existing applications and games. The first batches of The Eye Tribe Tracker is targeted developers and comes with our Software Development Kit containing sample code and guides on how to implement eye control.

The initial version of the software will only work on Windows, but we have versions for the major platforms in the pipeline. We will keep you updated on our progress both on the hardware and software as we get further, and update the specifications as they evolve.

Leading up the launch has been a hectic period for the guys and gals in the office. We’ve put out some teasers videos of our software during the last two years. While they served a purpose we wanted our new launch video to reflect how big we think this is. In the last year we have raised significant funding and grown our team to 15 people, and we want to communicate that we are committed to the vision of taking eye tracking mainstream. With the launch of an $99 eye tracker we have taken a big step towards realizing this vision. There is no longer a prohibiting financial barrier preventing developers from exploring the many benefits eye tracking can bring to their applications.

For the launch video we wanted to keep it simple and demonstrate some of the easy ways to use eye tracking in everyday situations. The video was shot in two days, the actors are Sebastian and Fie who work in the company, keeping it real. We have attached some pictures from behind the scenes when shooting the video.

Hopefully our launch video will inspire developers to think about how eye tracking can be used.