We are very happy to announce that the first shipment of The Eye Tribe tracker shipped out from our office in Copenhagen today.

We did not ship as many as we had hoped in the first shipment, but don’t worry the rest will be on the way very soon. The really good news is that we managed to increase the size of the first production batch, so we expect that all preorders  will be shipped within the next couple of weeks. Please be patient… we are doing everything as fast as possible.

As soon as your package leaves our warehouse, you will receive a confirmation email with an invoice and a download link for the software.

From today you will already be able to visit our Developer Site, where you will find the documentation for The Eye Tribe Tracker SDK. Using the same email and password you used for your order, you will also be able to access our Developer Forum.

We look forward to seeing, what use cases and applications you can develop with The Eye Tribe Tracker, and we look forward to get feedback on how to best align The Eye Tribe Tracker with your particular needs.

In the coming months, we are committed to improving our software and helping you make great things with it. We invite you to share your thoughts.

Today we will be contacting 20 developers to get their address, so we can ship them a free eye tracker. They all provided us with great ideas on how to use The Eye Tribe Tracker. For your inspiration we will be sharing the best ideas ideas on Twitter over the coming weeks.

Happy holidays from The Eye Tribe Team!